Corporate Chic. Writer. Photographer. Speaker. Social Media Addict. Bookworm. Wanderer.

Self Portrait

Hi! I’m Samantha, a Jill of many random trades (hence the nickname: Random Sam). Born to Caribbean immigrants, I grew up in South Florida, where I spent many hours reading period or science fiction novels and watching films released decades prior to my conception. I have a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling.

Professionally, I’ve done everything from originating and managing multi-million dollar commercial loans, to leading a failed internet start-up, to managing risk and analytics at a multinational automotive corporation. Currently I’m a Commercial Banking VP for a Fortune 100 financial institution in sunny Southern California focused on automotive sales research and strategy.

Personally, I’m a hipster mom of two small children and a chill wife (to my very own Mr. Darcy). A Bibliophile who reads at least two books a month. When I’m not in the office, I volunteer with Black Girls Code, freelance as a photographer, speak publicly to anyone who will listen, and live tweet my favorite shows (mostly sci-fi and period dramas). In my “spare time” (when I should be sleeping) I run a successful natural hair and living blog: and overshare about my favorite books, marriage and #momlife on

You can find me around the web on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram!